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04 January 2013 @ 09:40 pm
@risingyun @slutjae @_yeoljoe  
sorry its late T^T i hope you guys had a good christmas! jaejoong and yunho sure did...

"yunho, can you check to see if the christmas tree has enough water?"

"why so when i bend over you can shove milk and cookies up my ass?"

"ew no why would i do that? i don't want the tree to die."

"it's already dead anyway."

"whatever could you please just check it?"

"fine." yunho got down and started putting his hand in the base to feel for water.

"it needs a little mo-LSDHNLKJN"

"wow you really are dumb did you think i would go a holiday without damaging your rectum i mean come on i didn't even forget hanukkah."

this was true. hanukkah would not have been bad if jaejoong did not light the candles. and they don't even celebrate hanukkah. luckily it was the only jewish holiday that jaejoong knew of.

yunho still was unsure of what was hanging out of his anus. could it be a reindeer antler? a wooden spoon with cookie dough on it? the butt plug they bought for junsu for his birthday? yunho was hoping it was the butt plug.

however, it was none of these things. it was a branch of the christmas tree.

"don't move now yunho i need to decorate and post a picture on twitter."

"if i move it will probably rupture something please jaejoong take it out i'm begging you can't we celebrate one holiday where i don't need to go to the ER and embarrass myself when the doctors ask me what happened?"

"but it's not christmas if you don't take a tree branch up the ass!"

"if you take it out now maybe i'll let you put something else in there instead..."

jaejoong grinned. "so i can put the milk and cookies in there?!"

"what no jaejoong did you not get what i was implying?"

"hmph. stay still now let me just do this it'll be quick."

"that's what you said at hanukkah... and that lasted 8 days."

"shhhhhhhh the less you complain the faster this will be. sing some christmas songs while i do this it'll make time fly by. i wanna hear those sleigh bells jeenguhleeng reeng teeng teenguhleeng too."

yunho realized there was no winning this battle. he sang out all the songs on the SM warmest gift album in between chokes and cries of pain. with every ornament that jaejoong hung, the branch got more and more heavy.

"okay you're done, you look so beautiful!"

"take it out now then. i need to go to the hospital, i can feel internal bleeding."

"no you can't, now hold still so i can take a picture."

jaejoong grabbed his phone "say 'merry christmas!'" he said, and snapped a picture. after picking the best filter on instagram, he posted it to all the social networking sites he was signed up on. then he sent the picture to everyone on his contact list with the message "happy holidays from uknow+boojae! please fwd!"

by the time jaejoong finished on his phone, blood was now dripping from the small openings in yunho's ass where the branch stuck out. it was okay though because the red blood was very festive and matched with his green sweater. jaejoong also liked how the red also showed yunho supported cassiopeia. always keep the faith.


"merry christmas" lee soo man chuckled, staring at the picture forwarded to him while sticking his hand down his pants. "and always keep the faith."
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beeswaxingbeeswaxing on January 5th, 2013 03:09 am (UTC)
Kristin, what did I just read? :O
kristinchowdagoboom on January 6th, 2013 10:48 pm (UTC)